Class II Denture

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About teeth setting in abnormal jaw relations…


Upper-lower ridge relationship is an individual problem for each complete denture patient. For abnormal ridge relations, it is needed to modify normal guidelines necessary to fulfill all demands.

Maxillary Protrusion Problems Faced & Arrangement of Teeth

Changes in anterior arrangement

1) Increased overjet – Due to maxillary prognathism, there will be increased overjet. It leads to abnormal upper and lower canine tooth relationship. No attempt should be made to reduce it by moving upper teeth palatally or lower teeth labially.

Increased Overjet

2) Changes in canine relationship – Normally, the distal surface of lower canine tooth (located at) tip of the cusp of upper canine, whereas in maxillary prognathism it leads to the lower canine tooth finishing anywhere from the tip to distal surface of upper canine. Excessive prognathism leads to distal incline of cusp of lower canine posterior to distal surface of upper canine tooth.


Changes in Canine Relationship

Setting Upper Posterior Teeth in Class 2 Relation

Upper first premolar setting

  • If necessary, the palatal cusps of the 1st premolar is flattened.
  • This is done to get good intercuspation with lower premolar.

Upper second premolar setting

  • Upper 2nd premolar is set with its flattened lingual cusp occluding with the flattened buccal cusp of the lower second premolar.
  • There is less buccal overlap and a larger area of contact is possible between this teeth.

Setting upper molars

  • Upper molars are set in normal relation as done in class 1 teeth arrangement.

Setting Lower Anterior Teeth in Class 2 Relation

Lower anteriors are set according to normal principles. The overbite is maintained at 2mm. However, there will be increased overjet.

Setting of Lower Posteriors

  • The lower first molar is placed in Class I relation. (Key of Occlusion).
  • The remaining space for premolar is assessed. Usually there will be space for only 1 premolar. The lower premolar is set in the remaining space. The buccal cusp of lower premolar occludes with the palatal cusp of upper second premolar.
  • The lower second molar is set in normal relation with the upper second molar.


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